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Meat Counter

Fine Meats



We offer customers a traditional shopping experience, with friendly and knowledgeable staff, in a modern and spacious environment.

Inside, you will find huge meat and delicatessen counters - both serving freshly prepared produce (all locally sourced). You will also be able to choose from a selection of beverages - including fine wines, ciders and beers - and sample our special ranges too.

Meat Counter
Our meat counter offers customers a wide range of the finest English produce.

You will find everything you need for any culinary occasion. Burgers, sausages and kebabs for the barbecue. Whole fresh chickens and beef, pork or lamb joints for Sunday lunches. Stew and mince for pies and hotpots - on those cold evenings. And, for those romantic nights in, our Special Reserve steaks.

All our beef and lamb is procured - by John Chadwick personally - from local farms and slaughtered in our own private, EC approved abattoir.

Our pork is sourced from a local slaughterhouse.

We do not, and will not, sell or use imported cheap chicken. Only the best is good enough for our customers. Our chicken supplier has been working alongside us for the past 30 years.

Meat Counter

Meat Counter

Delicatessen Counter [top]
Our delicatessen counter offers customers an excellent range of freshly made, delicious produce.

You will find a large selection of cheeses, cold meats, roasted chickens, freshly made hot/cold pies, quiches, breads, sandwiches, and take-away bites - such as spare ribs and chicken wings. To complement your choice, you can take away tubs of our freshly prepared flavoured rice, coleslaw, and potato salad - or ask one of our staff to prepare you a healthy green salad...just to your liking.

The counter also has a variety of button-busting desserts - if you have room left after your meal. A range of biscuits, cakes, and puddings are available - millionaire shortbread and chocolate fudge cake are particular favourites with customers.

Delicatessen Counter

Delicatessen Counter

Beverages [top]
As well as the fresh produce available from our meat and delicatessen counters, we offer customers a fine selection of English and Scottish wines, ciders, and beers.

Cairn O'Mohr Leave our Web site are award-winning Scottish fruit wines produced from the berries, flowers, and leaves that grow near Errol in Perthshire. Three Choirs Leave our Web site wines are produced from 70 acres of carefully cultivated English vines, featuring well-chosen modern grape varieties alongside world-renowned grapes - such as Pinot Noir.

We also serve a great selection of traditional bottled ciders and beers, produced by Westons Leave our Web site and Jennings Leave our Web site respectively.


Special Ranges [top]
Throughout our shop, you will find a variety of special range produce - prepared or selected by the Chadwick Family.

We offer a wide range of delicious ready-made meals, all prepared on site, including lamb korma, chilli con carne, stew and dumplings, sausage and mash, and Beef Wellington.

You may be surprised to learn it's not all meat! We also sell a variety of seafood too - including prawns, salmon, and freshly made fish pies.

You will also find everything you need to help enjoy the food purchased from us - for example oils and seasonings. Furthermore, through our partners - such as Tyrrells Leave our Web site and Essfoods (Stokes and Suffolk Mud) Leave our Web site - we provide customers with a tasty selection of snacks and condiments.

Special Ranges - Tyrrells Potato Chips

Special Ranges - Stokes Condiments

Food hall

"The Chadwick Family are proud to serve its customers with some of the finest quality food and drink in Britain." [John Chadwick, Managing Director]

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